Harm Reduction Resources

Minnesota Pharmacy Syringe Access Law

Legislation that legalizes the pharmacy sale of syringes to non-prescription customers


A comprehensive guide to any and all drugs. Know your body. Know your mind. Know your source.


An open forum about drug use for users across the globe.

Getting Off Right – A Safety Manual for Injection Drug Users

A manual written by a former injection drug user on how to safely inject drugs.

What to do if Someone ODs

Help a friend who overdosed without legal risks.

Cleaning Syringes

How to safely clean syringes when there are no sterile ones available.

Minnesota AIDS Project

Free HIV testing and social services for people who are HIV positive

Valhalla Place

Access point for Methadone, Suboxone, Mental health services, professional counseling, and other harm reduction resources.

Aliveness Project

HIV testing and services.

Mainline Syringe Exchange Program

A syringe exchange program offering free kits, narcan, HIV/Hep C testing — all in downtown Minneapolis!

Syringe Exchange Programs

A directory of syringe exchange programs in Minnesota.

Harm Reduction Coalition

A platform for harm reduction resources internationally.

Indigenous Peoples Task Force

Harm Reduction resources and services for Native peoples.

MN Transgender Health Coalition

Health resources for transgender people.


Comprehensive harm reduction website with comprehensive overdose prevention and management information.


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