Buying Syringes Without a Perscription

  • Call ahead to make sure that the pharmacy will sell syringes without a prescription.
  • Be respectful and compliant with thefa pharmacist you buy from. Even if a pharmacist gives you a hard time, be the better person and do not confront them. Instead, report the pharmacy and pharmacist to the Minnesota Department of Health (651-201-5414). Arguing with a pharmacist will make them less likely to sell to you and other users in the future.
  • If questioned, show the pharmacist:
    • Your Mainline Syringe Exchange card (if you have it).
    • The law legalizing nonprescription sales.
  • Do not open or use the syringes until you are off thepharmacy’s property. One OD or improperly disposed syringe in a pharmacy’s bathroom/parking lot is often enough for a pharmacy to stop selling syringes anytime to anyone!
  • Dispose of your syringes responsibly: Syringe Disposal